Commercial spaces and buildings require trained cleaners to keep the floors, walls, windows, and fixtures dirt-free. A clean and hygienic environment improves productivity, protects employees and customers from pathogens, and maintains visual aesthetics.

That’s what you get from Excel Janitorial Services. We offer professional cleaning services Jacksonville businesses can rely on. Our janitorial team has over 75 years of experience, flexible services, and attention to detail to help you maintain a clean, safe, and hygienic workspace.

Services Offered

Excel focuses on commercial cleaning services Jacksonville, FL, businesses and industries require to maintain their spaces. We provide a wide range of commercial janitorial services, from daily dusting and vacuuming to spot cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Here’s an overview of our services:

a) Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services cover day porter service, trash removal, floor maintenance, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and disinfection. Day porter service involves continuous cleaning and maintenance to keep your business premises presentable and functional.

We offer disinfection services, including electrostatic disinfection, to keep your environment pathogen-free, clean, and healthy for employees and clients. Our team uses high-quality consumable products that protect your floors and surfaces while reducing the use of chemicals.

Excel Janitorial Services manages and disposes of waste in safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly ways. Our window cleaning services leave your glass panes sparkling and streak-free for aesthetic curb appeal. We also provide comprehensive floor cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of your business and extend the longevity of your floors, carpets, and surfaces. We also use green, eco-friendly solutions to reduce the environmental impact while keeping your space clean and safe.

b) Office and Industrial Cleaning Services

Excel offers comprehensive office cleaning services for buildings for companies and businesses of all sizes. We can clean any Jacksonville, FL business, from single offices to multi-story corporate complexes. Our team is equipped to handle all cleaning tasks for the best outcomes.

We have experienced janitors ready to create a clean and conducive workspace for your staff and visitors. Our services are customized and optimized to meet your goals. We can clean lobbies, workstations, conference rooms, common areas, restrooms, and more.

Excel also provides industrial cleaning services for industrial facilities. Our services are designed to clean your spaces and help you meet safety and compliance requirements. We can clean manufacturing plants, distribution centers, warehouses, and other industrial areas.

Our team uses specialized techniques and equipment to keep your production floors, equipment, and storage areas clean. We strive to provide the highest standards, allowing you to focus on your core operations while we maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

Why Choose Us

Excel Janitorial Services offers professional cleaning services that Jacksonville companies and offices can leverage to maintain clean, safe environments. We’re expert cleaners determined to help you meet safety and compliance requirements. Here’s why you should choose us for commercial and office cleaning services:

  • Expertise and Experience: Our cleaners are trained and skilled professionals with extensive industry experience in Jacksonville, FL
  • Customized Cleaning Solutions: We provide tailored cleaning services complete with flexible scheduling options to meet your specific needs
  • High-quality, Eco-friendly cleaning products: Excel uses safe and effective cleaning solutions with an emphasis on protecting your assets and the surrounding environment

Contact Us

Ready to work with expert cleaners in Jacksonville, FL? Contact Excel Janitorial Services today to schedule a cleaning service. We have flexible commercial cleaning services and experienced teams ready to be deployed to any office, business, or industrial building. Call us at 904-726-8100, email us (, or use the inquiry form on our website to request a quote.